Welcome To Wonderland Prison.

bandwarrior68 asked: "I want to audition for Scarlett Winters, but could I change her FC to Lily Collins?"

I think that’d be a great choice, but I must remind you that we are on hiatus, so I could tell you when we come back on, but it might not be for a while

you can still audition if you’d like, but just keep that in mind

- Admin C xx

Hi everyone! We’ve been on hiatus for a very very verylong time, and we’re just trying to get a reboot, so we’re if you’d like to check it out, it would mean a lot!

- Admin C xx

Anonymous asked: "Are you guys still open?"

Yes we are, but the thing is, we’re all on hiatus for the moment. You can audition if you want, but I’ll talk with the other admin, as to the date that we’re back on. 

Any thoughts of who you waned to be?


- Admin C xx

Ask questions, or maybe even apply! How fun would that be guys!

posted 1 year ago


There is a chance for some of you to get a ‘freedom day’ in the next 2 weeks. With receiving this, you will be able to see anyone you wish, or take another prisoner with you. But this is a limit for the next two weeks only!

posted 1 year ago

Hi there! We’re an Au Disney Roleplay. Check us out and see if you like it! Apply even?

posted 1 year ago

Come and Join our AU disney roleplay! You’re missing out if you’re not joining!

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