Welcome To Wonderland Prison.

Damon Williams || Disney Character: Dimitri || Age: 21 || Crime: Identity Fraud || F.C. Eddie Redmayne || OPEN

Damon was a lost cause, according to his ‘loving’ parents from such a young age. Lucky for him, he never believed a word they said. He learnt that lying would help him to get what he wanted that his parents couldn’t afford or didn’t bother to buy the poor child. When he turned 16 he put his talents to good use and lied his way through getting all that he wanted. Even women. By the rumours spreading around Wonderland, you’d know who he slept with just by walking into a room. He was a womanizer and loved having that rep. But after the riot broke out, Damon tried to lie low, but with his reputation to uphold, it was hard for the man. He was caught and charged with several counts of Identity Fraud and sentence to jail. When he was there, he met Anna. Will she change his ways? Or will he find out something, and just try to use her like all the rest. 

Additional Information

  • Get along with the female inmates better than others
  • Strong willed, cocky, mischievous, wild, 
  • Guards tend to pick on him more for his looks
  • Likes to be around Anna, even though she says she doesn’t like him
  • Makes deals with other inmates, guards, and the warden to get presents for Anna

People He Dislikes and Likes

  • Julian
  • Tom
  • Eleanor
  • Andrew
  • Erica


  • Jeremy
  • Cameron
  • Rachel
  • Anna
  • Ben
  • Laura
  • Trinity 
  • Nate
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